Friday, October 14, 2016


Final BMSW3 workout and weigh-in . . . wow! I'm alive and well! It's purely amazing to think about week 1 and compare it to today, 12 weeks later. A year ago I attended the finale. I remember connecting especially to one person's story. I remember thinking I was thankful I wasn't alone in what I was going through. I was also extremely jealous because I knew I needed this so bad. But I couldn't see how in the world I'd ever be able to work it out with my schedule, let alone live through the experience! I prayed about it off and on, and a year later, applying for BMSW3 became possible, and then a reality. In the first three weeks, I cried probably every night thinking it's just too hard. Everything is just too difficult. But deep down I wanted this soooo bad. With the encouragement of a few people, I kept pushing through. One day at a time. Sometimes one moment at a time. And now, week 12. I don't think I've cried in a month :) Not only am I physically healthier, but I have learned sooooo much more in this short time. I can plan and prioritize better. I have a more positive attitude. "Wow" is the only thing going through my mind today :)


  1. So much happiness I get from this blog, I knew you were struggling in the beginning but I also KNEW you were strong enough to make it through and determined enough to not quit and look at you now! Way to go Sarah, I can't wait to see what else you accomplish with that determination and strength. You are awesome!

  2. And now, dear sister Sarah, you have an amazing testimony that will be witnessed by an indeterminate number of people, both those you share with and encourage directly as well as those you impact whom you may never even realize. Well done! I for one am so blessed to have gone through the experience with you and to have personally observed your transformation. What a joy!