Friday, October 14, 2016


I remember hearing a story from an inspirational speaker once about how he had contracted with a personal trainer.  The trainer was outstanding, the speaker was motivated, and in a short time the speaker was feeling fit, strong, and admittedly a bit full of himself.  He was however, disappointed when he realized he had not carved out the time to have a photo taken prior to the beginning of his new regimen to document the contrast.  He expressed his disappointment to the trainer saying, “I forgot, and now it’s too late for a before picture”.  To which the trainer deadpanned, “No it isn’t.”

Every photo is a before photo.  And while I think we’ll all be pleased with the contrast between our own before and after photos, they represent only a snapshot in time.  I haven’t heard any of the participants say, “I’m glad that’s over, and thankfully I have this after photo to remember it by.” 

Stay thirsty my friends.