Friday, October 14, 2016

One A few last thoughts....
I fondly remember "The Hill" on our walking path. I smile whenever I approach it, knowing there is a bench at the top. Now, instead of gasping for air and praying I'll reach the bench, I start running. That's my "go to" bench that triggers "I can do it". I have a few other "go to" places on the path that trigger picking up the pace.
I think that the big Ah Ha! moment came slowly for me. One of the alumni from the last season was encouraging me on my 5 minutes of "Jacob's Ladder". I had to stop and wait for the stars and little lights to calm down before getting back on. He said a sign of a winner is they never quit, get back on it and keep pushing. I will remember him and the pride I felt when I finally reached 5 minutes.
I've reached several walls and pushed thru: the first wall sit, the first plank the first fire drill!, the first party train. Each one brought out the tiger in me.
Two big things I'm proud of: 1) going under the lane markers in the pool. It took like forever to get the courage to be under water even for a split second. Thank you Rick for being patient. You seemed to understand the terror I have of being caught under water - it goes back to being pushed off the dock into the deep water at the lake when I was five or six. 2) again with Rick's encouragement, walking the stairs carrying 20 lbs. I felt so strong, so humble, so focused on not falling that I didn't realize I climbed it 5 times without feeling like I was going to pass out. That's when I knew I truly had accomplished more than I thought possible.
Thanks to Fireman Rick and Conductor Tina, EJ (who will always be the nicest Ayatollah I've ever met), Andreas the Pain Slayer, Running Man Franklin and his lovely bride Rose, Paula the Coordinator and Giver of all Information, Nicholle Photo Bomber, Nurse Deb, The Amazing Jeanie, my new alumni friends, my awesome fellow partners in Season Three, and of course my Mr. Wonderful Walt who cooked, stocked groceries, created recipes, encouraged me while riding his bike along side me, washed my gym clothes and was so very amazed that I actually got up early each morning. I couldn't have done it without you!


  1. Love this!! I wish I could follow you through the rest of your journey to "photo bomb" you because you are going to continue to be amazing! I am so proud of how far you've come and all of the accomplishments you've achieved! <3

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  3. Connie, you are a true champion and I know that you will continue to inspire, encourage, and support others who God draws to you and your story of being an overcomer. Well done! Bravo!