Monday, October 3, 2016

Small things have big impacts

So last Tuesday the whole group was in the pool with us which was pretty nice.  So that morning I decided to wear my trunks to the gym instead of changing when I got there.  That was the first small change that I should not have done.  I open my locker put my gym bag in there close it and walk away.  Doh.  I forgot to take my electronics and ring off.  Good thing I remembered before getting in the pool that would have been disastrous.  So I take my ring off and my watch and put them in the locker,  take a quick shower then get in the pool.

I start to do some marching and feel something smack my leg.  Doh.  It was my cell phone telephone, completely soaked.  By the time I realized it was in there and was able to get it out of the water it had been about 90 seconds.  I was pretty sure that no amount of rice was going to save it.  I thought I should try anyway.  After the gym, I go home pour some rice into a Tupperware container take my phone apart and bury it in the grains.  8 hours later and there is no response from my phone it is officially dead.  I was due for a new phone anyway.

So my phone is truly an assistant and an item that I have troubles working and living without.  I use it for my calendars, tasks, financing, and alarm clock.  See the last one is important because I am not a morning person and the alarm clock on my phone is set to turn off only when I do math problems.  Not super complicated ones but enough to get my brain going in the morning.

I was not able to make it to Verizon Tuesday night to get my phone because of things that were already scheduled so I would have to go on Wednesday during lunch.  Like I mentioned before I rely heavily on my phone and that alarm clock to the point it is just second nature to do math in the morning.  For some reason. I did not think about an alternative alarm clock solution for Wednesday morning.  So I missed Wednesday morning workout on the bike.  I did get a new phone though at lunch so yay.  Got it all setup and back to being my new assistant.

Thursday I had a migraine all day that didn't really let up.   So I am lying on the couch Thursday night and ended up falling asleep on the couch which is fine because it is comfy.  Here is where the problem comes in.  The battery on my new phone is atrocious and doesn't last two days like they claimed it would.  I only get about 12 hours out of it.  My phone died in the middle of the night and I have no alarm clock again for the Friday morning workout.

Last week was a bad week because I changed one routine from what I normally do and it had a huge impact on the rest of my week.  Granted it was a bad experience but it also made me realize that the small choices that we made before the program ended up making us the way we were.  The small changes during and soon after the program have/will transform us into completely new people.

I should have purchased the waterproof case 18 months ago.  Didn't think I was going to do something like that, proved myself wrong there.


  1. ahhh, the phone. If you give us your phone number, we will call you early in the morning with our tax return questions to help you wake up. We are so helpful like that. he he

  2. we missed you! Amazing how much we rely on technology! lol...

  3. Do you need a wake up call for tomorrow (assuming that your phone is charged)? Maybe we could drive by your house ring the doorbell about a dozen times and then lay on our car horns? Don't worry. If you weren't up in 5 minutes I'm sure that your neighbors would be pounding on your door wanting to know what was going on.

  4. Yikes, sorry to hear you had a stressful week Adam! Phones are awesome yet it is also annoying how much they run our lives! You turned this into some good insight on routines/changing habits - and knowing the importance of always being prepared :)