Monday, October 3, 2016

Boulevard of Broken Creams

So, I'm approximately ten minutes into the assigned six miles on Saturday and I encounter this in the middle of the sidewalk:

Though Oreos have never been one of my vices the symbolism was unmistakable, I actually laughed out loud (and scanned my surroundings for Jen).  While I've never picked food up off the street and eaten it, there was a time when a hurdle of this magnitude would have been more difficult to negotiate, perhaps even sending me to the grocery store to stumble headlong into a bag of who knows what (hint: not broccoli).  Now it's as easy to step over this kind of temptation figuratively as it is literally.  To paraphrase Neil Armstrong, "That's one small step for Rich, one giant leap for Richkind".


  1. This just about made me choke on my lunch! If I came across you munching on some Oreos I would definitely have something to say...not to mention ones smashed on the road :) You did hit on a very important point - it's interesting how we can stumble on something unexpected that can trigger a desire for something we were never thinking of in the first place - outside forces can be tough, but we can be stronger! Awesome insight :)

  2. LOL - I loved this post! and Jen's response! Great insight!

  3. "Hey, what's that guy up ahead on the sidewalk doing?"
    "It looks like he's taking a picture of a bag of Oreos."
    "Yea, strange... He must be trying to eat healthy or something."
    "Could be. You know, he should really go to the grocery store. The bags there are a lot cleaner and the light is a lot better for taking pictures."

  4. This is hilarious! Good job resisting the temptation!! :D

  5. This is hilarious! Good job resisting the temptation!! :D