Thursday, October 13, 2016

Finishing Strong

It was kind of different today working out!

No pool... That was WAY different. I did miss my pool lol....

I had EJ ALL to myself today. I had his undivided attention which resulted in a great workout. He showed me some more fun exercises that I could do. We were able to discuss my knee history in greater depth and the progress I have made with it through the program.

Based on discussions, I was very disappointed he directed me to drop down to the 5K. I think he was surprised that I was planning on the 10K and I was surprised that he was thinking 5K. LOL.

Once we talked through the logistics I had to admit he was right and resign myself to the 5K. Initially disappointing, but I know that it is the correct decision. In retrospect I have struggled after walking 6 miles in the training plan etc... I have to claim the truth that the risk of further injury is NOT worth the cost. I REALLY don't want surgery LOL!  I'm working hard to keep away from that surgeon's knife - this will be a lifelong challenge to keep my Knee Strong!

On the bright side - my walking partner Rose gave me a big hug and encouragement while I was still processing the change. We will definitely rock the 5K!

(Plus it won't take me 2 hours to complete LOL!)


  1. Maybe you could drop back to the 5K but do it twice? On second thought, once is enough.

  2. It will be challenging either way. You are wise to listen to EJ. Remember you can always do the 10K later.