Thursday, October 13, 2016

Clothes Shopping

I finally had to relent and go shopping for some clothes that fit. To my surprise, I have shrunk from a 2-3XL to just plain old XL in shirt sizes and my waist has also decreased in size nicely. The weird part is my choice for places to buy a few new duds - after visiting 5 stores (from Goodwill to Christopher James) - was.... Kroger! They actually have some decent stuff, including a sweater that I totally needed for working in the office where I have been freezing every day for the past month or so. Still not sure what I'll end up wearing on Saturday, but surely whatever it is will feel better and put me in a positive frame of mind than the oversized stuff from my past.

How about you? Where has your shopping experience taken you?

Blessings to all!


  1. I'm still shopping in my closet from my "old" stuff that fits now lol...

  2. Alas, I haven't shopped yet, although I need to. If it weren't for my belt I'd have to hold my pants up (maybe I should ship them?). I have pulled a few shirts out of the back of my closet. Tonight I should take inventory to see what's there. If not, I might find myself at Kroger's.