Wednesday, September 7, 2016

So instead of relaxing and taking it easy over the weekend, I painted the kitchen. Up and down ladders; stretching for that little spot I missed; on my knees painting baseboards. It was all easy peasy. Until Tuesday morning around 5am.
My poor hips and knees were all like "hey! whatcha doing to me!" Oh well, I survived and pushed thru stiff joints and sore legs. That's what we do. And naturally I complained and whined. Thanks Rose and Kayleen for your encouragement (you are both good at forcing guilting ummm, encouraging me to do my best.


  1. I have a room that could use painting if you want more practice???? It worked for Daniel Son in Karate Kid!

  2. I'll put you on my list of things that probably won't get accomplished. You'll be right under skydiving.