Friday, September 30, 2016

Turning Corners

This morning during my second workout at Spiece (after getting schooled in some new exercises by Andreas who blew me away!), I had to stop to go see why Sarah was screaming from the court. What I saw was so cool. The crew was blasting away at a game of Ultimate, and I saw some amazing things. Rick mentioned it yesterday, the joy, happiness, and excitement of being fit and able to do things that only a few short weeks ago would have been impossible. Running up and down the court, throwing and catching a volleyball, blocking, scoring, and playing what looked like a very cool team sport. I thought I was watching a bunch of high schoolers! It was awesome and I wanted to play!

Well, I just got some good news of my own. Had a visit with the ankle doc at FWO this morning and got to see some very interesting images of the inside of my foot. I have always been fascinated by the thought of having that kind of perspective. After our review, he told me I can officially ditch the crutches and the knee scooter (thanks Dawn!), and if the ankle is feeling good after next Tuesday, I can even ditch the boot. He still wants me to focus on low impact activities for now, but said that if I am still doing well on Monday, October 10th (my wife's birthday) then I can begin to ramp back up to normal activities again. I am very excited about this and so thankful to the entire team of trainers, specialists, and those of you who have encouraged me time and again to follow directions. Sure, no one likes to be nagged, but I see it as a sign that you all love me and want my recovery to be the absolute best it can be. And you know what, I am very thankful for you all! Above all, I am thankful that my Lord and King Jesus Christ is now and will forever remain on the throne, and thanks to His love, faithfulness, and sacrifice, I AM HEALED!!!

May God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ overwhelm each of you with unbridled joy and laughter this weekend, and keep you all safe and secure as He has you surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses and ministering spirits. Amen!


  1. That's good news. Take it slow and steady and you will recover. Remember earlier this year when Frank broke his foot? Now he's running and doing everything that we do. You will too.