Friday, September 30, 2016

Unbelievably Ultimate

I really enjoyed being in the pool as a group on Tuesday and Thursday. However, today was the highlight of my week! Yesterday when Frank announced that we were going to play Ultimate Frisbee with a volleyball, I inwardly groaned. Though I enjoy exercising, I am next to the farthest thing from a sports person that you can possibly find. I was always one of the last picks in gym class at school. During the summer after my 6th grade year, I think my parents made me sign up for softball. If I asked to sign up for it, I was delirious at that moment. I was terrible at it and hated it. I did play volleyball in 8th grade and during middle/high school youth group, but that's it. I'm not even crazy about watching sports. I could possibly get into watching baseball, but other than that, I want nothing to do with getting smacked in the face, jamming a finger, or falling down and getting major bruises/scrapes - I get my daily dose of those being clumsy. So I'm thinking this morning, I'd so much rather create my own workout than have another opportunity to get nailed in the face with a ball, be the last pick, and not get in a good workout. I couldn't have been more wrong! Thank goodness the teams were pre-chosen! I hate being the one hoping to be chosen just as much as having to choose who is on my team. I think there were only a couple times when I thought I was going to get whacked on the head. So I just covered my head or tried to duck fast. And wow, I sweated and was out of breath just as much as all the other BMSW3 workouts we've been through! Thanks, Frank, for giving us the opportunity to learn something new! I'm a fan of Ultimate :)


  1. Sarah, today we saw the competitive side of you come out. When we were on opposite teams you were a tough opponent. I don't see you getting picked last any more.

  2. I love ultimate! I was sad I couldn't play!

  3. Great job trying something new and intimidating!!