Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Battle is in Our Mind... And We CAN Prevail!

Last night while sitting down to offer an hour of my time to our middle schooler to help with her homework, I noticed her biggest struggle was allowing her mind to focus on what she couldn't do, didn't have, and impending failure. So of course given my experience with the BMSW program, I had a wise and relatable reference point to share with her. I said, "You know what the hardest thing is about the aerobics class I attend on Saturdays?" She said, "What?" I replied, "Thinking about it."

For me, this was an amazing revelation! Whether it was received on my daughter's end has yet to be witnessed, but God gives seed to the one who sows, right? He is in charge of the harvest.

So many people commenting on my transformation this week is super encouraging and confirms that what I feel in my new body is not just my mind playing tricks on me. To have replaced the two 15 lb bowling balls I had been carrying around for years in only 6 weeks to me is amazing, and yet I want more and am going full steam ahead to get it.

Listening to a track on Apple Radio this morning called "Limitations (Motivational Speech) by Fearless Motivation really set in my mindset that I am developing more and more as I progress in this program. One of the quotes that struck a chord epitomizes how I feel:

"I don't need an alarm clock. My goals wake me!"

Here is an additional excerpt: "Successful people know their WHY. They know their purpose. They have a very clear vision. When you know your purpose and it is very clear why you are doing what you are doing, and why you want what you want, write it down. Write it down and read it every day. There is nothing more powerful than a human being with purpose. With purpose, you will outwork anyone and everyone. You will get up early and stay up late. You will give more, do more, and become more. You will not give up when things go against you, which they will. 

From this day on, regardless of my circumstances, I will achieve my dream. Nothing will stop me. Weakness will no longer live with me."

As I am writing this, I am being prompted by memories of my 8th grade basketball coach blowing a gasket at me for something I did that flew in the face of all he knew and lived out every day. We were in a fierce battle against one of the toughest teams in our district, Battle Creek Lakeview. The game consisted of a constant high pace of up and down the court. It was surely a running game, and though I was in better condition that I have been throughout most of my life, the reality was I was terribly winded and just couldn't seem to catch my breath. I found myself lagging behind closer toward half court waiting for everyone to come back my direction, rather than trying to keep pace with them.

Coach called a timeout and said, "Which of you needs a break, to sit down and get some rest?" It was truly one of the greatest offers (aka, temptations) I had ever received, and I raised my hand. Coach just about exploded at my gesture and shouted for me to sit down. Then he proceeded to preach about how he would rather die on the court than ask to be pulled to the bench. "They would have to drag me off the court", he said. 

My past is littered with times when I took the easy road, or simply quit or opted out of an opportunity that seemed beyond my capacity to reach the goal, but God has used the experience of this program to teach me that with Him, "all things are possible", and I know that He is with me always and everywhere I am. 

Some of you witnessed a little spark of my newfound motivation manifest itself this morning when EJ called time after our 1+ minute wall sit, and I continued on. It was as if I just wanted to test myself to see how long I could go. When he finally said "2 minutes" I decided it was time to stop. Surely I felt like I could have gone 5 minutes or more, but I realized it isn't my show. While it felt incredible, I sincerely just hope it served to inspire each of us to reach for more, to expect more, and to be willing to step beyond the limitations we mentally put on ourselves. Our time is now. The excuses we once held onto have no more weight or leverage, because we are committed to our WHY!

We have now passed the halfway point, the point of no return, no turning back. This is a the crew that has made the decision that we're ALL IN and we are running our race as if we intend to win, and all along the way our faith in what is possible is being strengthened and now even rewarded with the increased energy, flexibility, resiliency, and endurance (not to mention the affirming comments from onlookers). 

My prayer is that all who read this and my other posts and witness my commitment, determination, and just raw faith whether on the court, in the halls, or elsewhere find a little inspiration within themselves to challenge those long held beliefs and negative self talk that has kept them captive for no other reason that to "steal, kill, and destroy" the abundant life Jesus himself promised.


Limitations (Motivational Speech) by Fearless Motivation on Apple Music.

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