Thursday, September 8, 2016


I feel like a BEAST today!

I was ROCKING in the pool to a new level and I OWNED therapy!
(I will be dancing in the pool from now on LOL)

I feel like I have hit my stride and I feel like nothing can stop me now!!!

I am still shocked (and I think they were pleasantly surprised/shocked) that I ASKED for more weights in therapy!

I feel like God gave me a glimpse - just a small glimpse - of All Things Possible With God!  I have so much energy I can't explain it!  I spent an intense hour in the pool - not stopping until they called my name since I was in a zone. I ramped up therapy because God gave me the strength to work my legs beyond what should be humanely possible for me. My legs are jelly but I am REVVED up and ready to CONQUER the world!

I am STRONG in Christ! I will NOT be in bondage! I CLAIM freedom and HEALING!