Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Should I walk or should I jog?

I find great comfort in God's word, as if you couldn't tell. This morning, I found this in my email:

It is awesome to have such a variety of interpretations available to us to help increase our perspective. From this Message paraphrase, I am encouraged by how God tells His people that endured some of the worst circumstances in the desert, that He would begin to build them up again, effectively making them brand new, and as a result they would rejoice and celebrate.

This is how I feel every day in the BMSW program. Like He is rebuilding me in his likeness, a little more each day as I lean on Him for strength, wisdom, understanding, encouragement, vision, and so on, by faith.

After not being able to complete the final 2 reps of 6/4's last week, I am excited that is WAS able this week to complete the 5/5's without stopping, and without pain. He always comes with me on the journey, no matter what pace I keep...always encouraging me and helping me to persist through every trial.

Isn't it amazing to know that we have a God who loves you and I so much that no matter what, He never leaves us to deal with this life on our own, and that His word always accomplishes the purposes for which He sent it, never returning empty or void? I find Him totally fascinating and I hope you do too!

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