Monday, September 26, 2016

Das Boot!

Well, I added a new piece to my fall wardrobe last week...

Following a little re-injury in the pool last week, I went back to the doc at FWO and he fitted me with this monster leg appliance. It came pretty loaded with three strong velcro straps, super "cush" foam inserts, and two side adjustable "comfor-tech" airbags. Docs orders are non-weight bearing until my follow-up with him on Friday to discuss the results of the MRI he has me doing on Wednesday afternoon.

Between that and my ankle massages with Gretchen at Summit PT, I am certainly feeling the love!

The greatest thing for me about this whole experience has been watching what happens the more I lean into God and his faithfulness whenever a trial like this jumps up trying to cause me to detour, but I just laugh and do things like 2.6 miles in 25 minutes on the arm bike, and put on a silly grin when I realize after hitting the showers that it is time to punch another hole in my old belt. :)

God is good and I fully trust he will bring me through this with excellence!



  1. I have to say in a fashion sense, that is not my favorite boot! I love wearing boots in the fall - but not that one :) Great job on the bike!

  2. You must have been working out in the hard water part of the pool. Heal up and keep up your great attitude.

  3. Wearing that thing in the pool must make your workouts extra work. You must be doing well with it, though. Dawn said that you gave her a run for her money in a swimming challenge. Without the boot you're probably another Michael Phelps.