Saturday, September 24, 2016

Breathless . . . not!

My husband worked today, so my Saturday "adventure" with my daughter was to watch my nephews play soccer. I've never been to the field before, so I didn't know what to expect in regards to parking or navigating the arrangement of numbered fields. Once I arrived, I saw all the fields on the left and parking on the right. My only thought was to choose a parking spot with an easy exit and the ability to merge into the mass of cars that were sure to leave all at the same time. So I chose the lot on the far right, parking in one of the corner spaces. On a side note, I had to return three folding chairs to my parents from the night before. Realizing, I couldn't carry everything by myself, I just got the basics: my daughter, her backpack of supplies and her little folding chair. My daughter weighs about 30lbs now. I was beyond the multiple parking lots and started on the fields when I realized I wasn't out of breath!! I had to laugh out loud at how much stronger I felt and how much endurance I've gained over the past 9 weeks! I thought for a few seconds about how life was before. I'm sure I would have been out of breath not too far into the parking lots and would have tried to make my daughter walk by the time we hit the grass. Yes, she's definitely heavy for me to carry, but she's manageable now when necessary (cars and crowds). And yes, I did take a nice two hour nap when we got home!