Monday, September 26, 2016

Blind What???

Blind weigh in's?

Say it isn't so! EEK!

I find it fascinating that my immediate reaction was insecurity!
What if I'm gaining weight? How will I know if I don't know my weight? etc...


This late in the game we are going to battle through this? Why?


I'm Choosing to TRUST the system even when I have ZERO indicators that everything is going well!

Why would anything change just because I don't have immediate feedback?

I'm not going to lie - it's going to be tough not knowing how I'm doing! Especially when I don't "feel" like I lost any weight (like this week haha).

Everything will work out for the good.

I must remember to just smack myself when my thoughts are off track haha!


  1. Oh Dawn, you have great predictors of your progress (what and how much you eat, the quality and consistency of workouts) so why worry about the lack of lagging indicators? Silly!

  2. Not blind yet. You can hold off little on snacking yourself in the face for now, LOL

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