Friday, August 12, 2016


Yikes, where did the week go?? As of last Thursday, I've been on vacation from work. My husband and I went out of town last Thursday and came back Saturday. To sum up those days, I have to say I'm proud of myself! I didn't eat out one time, or even cave in to buy a snack while we were out and about. My husband called ahead to make sure the hotel where we planned on staying would have a microwave, refrigerator and fitness center. We ended up with all but the microwave, which wasn't a big deal because the hotel staff let us use the one in their break room. So vacation away from home? Success! I lost 2.6 pounds by Monday's weigh-in!!

The rest of my staycation this week is also going well, minus the fact that I've done no house cleaning or purging like originally planned.

As for exercising, we did the sleds yesterday. Watching people do it on TV looks awful to me. However, I enjoyed it! Difficult, yes. But especially with the group, it's most definitely fun! And now to those terrible, horrible wall sits. I apologize for impairing anyone's hearing. After only a few seconds, my thighs burn like there's no tomorrow. I start thinking, oh no, how in the world am I going to make it without quitting?? And then I find myself wanting to sing a song to get my mind off of the burn. That just plain doesn't work. And then the depths of my inner being take over and I cannot help but scream. We received an email yesterday containing this:
You're allowed to scream, you're allowed to cry, but do not give up.:  Love it!


  1. Your screams were epic and memorable! You being honestly you in the moment!
    So...that wasn't really Frank?!!
    Great job pushing and screaming thru and not giving up!!

  2. I loved that scream, that was what every ounce of my being wanted to do every single time I was pushed up against that wall praying for God to make the time speed up. I never got that scream out but you did it for all of us and it was awesome!

  3. Your scream was a battle cry! We were all charged with it. Thanks Sarah! And good week for you!

  4. Hey you were right beside me and the scream didn't bother me a bit. It is so good that your husband was working with you to help you be a success on your trip. Who would have thought that they would let you use the staff micro wave. Keep on being strong.