Friday, August 12, 2016

Worth a Try

I decided to try it.....

Last night I was packing my dress clothes for today. I really wanted to wear a lighter color dress pant. The only issue - they were a size smaller than I normally wear.

Guess what - THEY FIT! I can even breathe lol....

I was excited to wear a smaller size today - I know this is just the first of many milestones to come. The rings are loose and the body is energized.

What an adventure the first 3 weeks have been!!!


  1. Congratulations! !
    So exciting! Try on clothes sooner than you think they will fit, or you will likely miss out!
    Rings, you can buy plastic sizers, or wrap yarn around, size keeps changing on fingers, even up to year after done losing weight!

  2. I'm so proud of you Dawn. Even when you are dealing with pain, you look so much more alive and healthy. Yeah!

  3. It is exciting to see how quickly you can start finding changes in the clothing you wear. You may want to see about things to put on your rings so they don't fall off your hand. Don't want the program to cost you money as you lose valuable rings.