Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Some insight

Has anyone worked with Nicole Lenhof the wellness coach here at Brotherhood?  Before I started the program I had started meeting with her about ways to help me in life.  We had discussed one time about setting a long term goal for yourself and picturing it.  She recommended to not just imagine the image but find something that will help you remember it, this is the picture that I chose.

It is a father walking his daughter down the aisle.  Isabella (Izzy) is currently 4 years old and is very special to me like all children are to their parents.  I have issues with my stomach several doctors seem to think it is not a big deal.  I was in the hospital earlier this year for a week because I was in so much pain and started throwing up blood.  I am sorry if that is too descriptive.  Doctors have determined that my problem must be IBS and watch what I eat.  So my health problems are being morbidly obese and stomach issues.

After the hospital is when I started talking to Nikky.  The smallest winner program had been in my mind and even was last year when it was talked about.  So this year I made the decision that I would work to get into this program and make a change.

I want to walk my daughter down the aisle of her church when she is ready to get married.  I don't have heart issues or cholesterol problems so I expect to make it that long regardless but I want to be healthy and thin for when that time comes.

I ask that if you see me slacking or eating something that I probably shouldn't tell me to knock it off.  I want to thank everyone of you for being there to support me on this journey.  I hope to support you as well as we walk down this path.

I have a son as well and he is just as important to me.  I think every father has the same thought about walking there daughter down the aisle.


  1. That is the most touching goal I can imagine! I have no doubt you will achieve your goal! Well done good and faithful servant will be your reward.

  2. Adam - your children are beautiful. That one day will come all too soon. I'm glad you are focusing on your health so you will be an active parent now as well as in the future.

  3. Good for you Adam, making not only a BHAG (a really big goal!) but also for making the commitment to achieving it. And do that you will. I totally believe in you.