Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Splish Splash

We Rocked the pool workout today!

I can't describe to you the excitement to finally workout and not be hampered by some pesky injuries! well at least, minimal hampering hahaha!

I loved kicking and jumping around the pool like I was a kid again! I felt young like a kid again!

I forgot how tired you are upon exiting the pool! and how HUNGRY swimming can make you! Boy, oh boy, did that oatmeal taste yummy!

I'm hearing my teammate Adam is joining us Thursday! and maybe another friend? And maybe more alumni!!! I'm guessing we are going to have a party train in the POOL! Because we are Rocking!


  1. Have fun! Maybe we could get a water volleyball team going.

  2. Ya Connie, let's start saturday at 12pm. Oh wait, they are closing the pool for a few weeks. DARN, maybe another time. LOL