Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A loss is a loss and a gain is a gain.

Maybe it was just me but it seemed like there were shocked faces last night when I weighed in.  I know mine was.  At first I thought I lost but the memory of the goldfish didn't remember my last weight.  I ended up gaining .6 pounds this week.  What did I do wrong?  I thought I ate well and exercised just as hard as I did before even added in the medicine ball.

That gain is not a set back and I will show that fat who the true boss is.  True measure of weight loss is done in two week measurements.  So since that was week 4 and the week before was a 6.4 pound loss I am still down.  So where do I go from here... quite simply continue down the weight loss train.  I had thought about setting myself a goal to lose 5-6 pounds this week.  Then after some thought and discussion with the Lord, I decided not to do that.  If I fail, to meet that goal I will do more damagee mentally even if I lose 4 pounds.

This morning at the gym I didn't waste anytime I walked back into the dungeon picked up the medicine ball and threw it at the wall as hard as possible.  I was frustrated and that was the best way to relieve that feeling.  At least I didn't go and eat a whole pizza or bucket of chicken wings.  When I was done with this mornings workout I felt better both mentally and physically.

So while writing this entry, Paula came by and extended an invitation to join them in the pool for the Thursday workout.  Aww yisss I love the water.  I look forward to sweating while swimming.  That seems so odd.  I welcome it and look forward to splashing around.


  1. YEAH!!!! Glad that you can join us in the Pool! It will be great to work out with you again! Super excited!

  2. I find it way too easy to beat myself up than to celebrate the obvious: you are losing weight and getting healthier. I love those video clips. I expect to hear a lot of splashing from the pool area Thursday!

  3. Adam, you have had one of the BEST attitudes of the bunch this year...no offense to anyone else. You have not let anything stop you and you have had challenges from the very get go. You are going to go much further than you think because of that attitude. You have a long term goal which is great, just keep setting small goals to get there and meet each one of those and the success will take you far beyond your wildest dreams!

    1. Oh ya, are you going to dance like those ducks you posted? Cause.....that will be weird! :)

    2. Amen! Bigger things are always rewards of or faith in the little things!