Friday, August 5, 2016

Salt of the earth and concrete results

My short term goal in this program can be represented by the photo below.  It represents my dare to myself to think big.  Since the City of Ft Wayne purchased the water utility which had formerly serviced my neighborhood we now receive water that has been commercially "softened".  I like soft water but even commercially softened water is not quite soft enough for me.  I still need to lug those bags of salt down the stairs to the basement, just not as often.  For some time now though while carrying those bags, I have thought how nice it would be not to have to do so.  I think the water we're receiving is about as soft as it's ever going to get (and I'm drinking a lot of it), so if I want to lug 40 fewer pounds down the stairs I'm going to have to take matters into my own hands.  I can't wait.

Perhaps one day I'll blog about my longer term goal.


  1. Love your illustration. You are going to meet your goals.

  2. I love this!! It helps so much to have a physical weight to pick up to really understand how much you want to lose! Or after, remind you how much you have lost!