Friday, August 5, 2016

AMAZING update!

I had the most AMAZING experience today!!!

First some background - when I was 10 years old I dislocated my knee. An experience that would be repeated and never forgotten.

Fast Forward - 3 dislocations and a failed surgery later. I walked into the surgeons office 16 years ago to be told that they could break bones and bolt them to straighten out my knee. I wasn't interested in an extensive surgery so I walked out the office and never looked back in a knee brace. I have worn a knee brace for the past 16 years. I wore this brace day and night - I swam in the brace, walked in the brace, slept wearing the brace etc... The brace was part of me.

That was the past. I have been renewed!!!

Enter the BMSW and the awesome trainers and resources. I had discussions with the trainer EJ and I remember the shocked look on his face when I said wearing a brace was fine. I didn't expect anything different. He was shocked when I was content in a brace for the rest of my life. Enter the therapy on my knee.

Yesterday was day 1 of therapy - they took my brace off & we did "fun" exercises and scraped the knee etc. They had their work cut out for them as I was EXTREMELY nervous that they were touching my knee!!!! After the appointment, I left the brace off. You know what - my knee remained in place. No dislocation. Success day 1.

Today was day 2 of therapy - they moved my knee cap today in line. Sorry if that is too much information - but let me tell you the rest. They lined up my knee. They finished scraping it - he told me they were doing the same lateral release as surgery 1.  We covered lots and lots of exercises to build strength - my knee obviously needs some attention!

The pivotal moment was when I walked and it was AMAZING!!!  I have never experienced walking with my knee in line. I was AMAZED at how it is supposed to feel to walk!!!

Praise God for the unexpected healing!!! God is good. 

It's going to be a journey as I learn to walk correctly and sit correctly to avoid injury. I will gladly learn new skills for the freedom of life without a brace!!!


  1. That is amazing. I am very excited for you and I pray that this continues to help your knee. I have had 3 surgeries on my knee and I know the pain they can cause. Keep up the work and I pray that it will all get better.

    1. Thanks Adam!!! I appreciate the prayers - it is so humbling when God steps in and restores you! I keep praying for your healing too!

  2. I am so excited for you. What a feeling that must have been for you. You are going to gain other things from this program but you definitely have already gained a big improvement from the program.

  3. Andreas, and everyone at Summit PT are so awesome!! They are so knowledgeable and helpful. They have you!

  4. Andreas, and everyone at Summit PT are so awesome!! They are so knowledgeable and helpful. They have you!