Thursday, August 11, 2016

Regional Hoosier Olympics - Thursday, Day 174.
So I went to bed late last night. The dryer was still running (hey, it was getting an aerobic workout). My clothes were in it. Therefore, I had to pack my bag this morning.
Now I'm not a morning person yet. I'm getting better, but not enough sleep and restless dreams don't help. The alarm clock didn't go off, I checked it. So I thought I would just rest my eyes. I was just easing into sleep when it exploded, Pillows flying, I lunged for the shut off while trying not to wake Mr. Wonderful. I was dazed. You'll notice that I admit that quite often. Grabbing clothes from the dryer and stuffing a slice of bread and some milk down the old gullet proved to be a challenge. I probably had crumbs in the nether lands. I was able to find two matching socks and realized that I also needed to pack clothes for work. And remember my sandals, and my phone, and my ipad, I was ready to head out when I remembered my glasses. You know even if you are mostly blind, it just doesn't matter when it's dark. So inside I go, trying to remember where I left them.
Finally on the road, I begged God to help me get there in time. And YES! there it was, no stop lights, no stupid trucks meandering down Lima Rd, no flat tires, and no coppers. I grabbed my bag, flashed my card, tossed my car keys on the board and raced into the locker room to push Santa's toy bag into a 4" locker. I assumed my banana would be OK. Heading to the gym, I realized my water bottle was still in the car. Back to front desk to grab those keys (I hope these were mine). Out to the car, grab the water bottle and dash back inside. I tried my best to look Joe Cool, but Rick caught me with his Mr. Clean evil eyebrow. "Ooooh Connie, you only had two minutes! You don't want to know .... blah blah blah". I didn't care, I had made it in time. I was safe. Or so I thought.
Then there was the smell of smoke. Fire Drill! Mr. Clean really does have an evil side. I won't go into the drum set in my chest, but I had a pretty nice solo. Thanks Tina for helping me calm down. And EJ, you were pretty tame today compared to the Fire Marshall. But NO!, you didn't hear that from me. I know you can push us to tears. And screams for mercy.
So todays medals: Gold for Tina; Silver for EJ (wall sits=pain); A burnt charcoal for Rick (just think Rick, it will eventually be a diamond, maybe, or not).


  1. Oh no, did you just say it was pretty tame today? I think that was a challenge for the trainers... Your post cracked me up though. Your morning struggles are so relatable!

  2. Connie, you always crack me up. Glad I was able to experience some of this along with you. :)

  3. I am right there with you! You would think after 3 plus years of this mornings would be easy for me and Frank...HAH NO!
    The many funny stories when either one of us forgot to pack unmentionables.
    There was the morning I texted Tina I wold be late, since I had been pulled over for speeding. The many mornings I sprint thru parking lot to make it on time. ...etc etc

  4. Wait until we start doing some of Tina's fun things at workout. You will enjoy those.