Tuesday, August 23, 2016

No Shades of Grey

As last night's class, I was fascinated by the various discussions were engaging in, especially because so many of them had one thing in common: COMMITMENT

So, this morning I decided to look up the definition of the word to see what Merriam-Webster has to say about this powerful word. Here is what I found:

I find it interesting that this word rankings in the "Top 1% of lookups" on the MW website. To this it is an indication that people may be seeking to understand just what they did when they agreed to do something. Or, perhaps they are looking to find some wiggle room in their promise to perform. Whatever the reason, I have chosen to take it very seriously when I joined the BMSW program (not that I won't have all kinds of fun throughout the process, because you all see that I am).

In my past life, there were plenty of times I said I was going to do something only to quit and fall short on a somewhat predictable basis. That is why I spent a fair amount of time preparing myself to "run my race" and "endure until the end" before submitting the application.

One of the deciding factors for me was to make my WHY something that is way beyond a desire to weigh less, rather about others I care about perhaps even more than I care for myself.

I have to share that some of our conversation last night was a little perplexing to me and even made me uncomfortable in some ways. It almost seemed as if some of us may be looking at our program as a quick fix to drop some weight and maybe learn a few tricks along the way, rather than as a catalyst to finally transform into the good stewards we are called to be - of our bodies, our families, our careers, and every aspect of life and what we have been entrusted to manage.

I struggle with this only because that is one of the things I could see myself doing before I ever signed up, and I do NOT want that kind of perspective. For me, the investment I am making in this program 7 days a week, early mornings, soreness, having to follow directions and doing things I may not naturally like or enjoy... No way do I want to return to the way things were, nor am I willing to take shortcuts which will only serve to undermine all this effort and a goal to be healthier for the rest of my life.

The definition above is very black and white: Commitment is an all or nothing agreement, and I would contend that based upon my past of failing in many commitments that the very first agreement we need to make is to ourselves that there is absolutely nothing that will derail me from giving it my very best each and every day, NO EXCUSES!

I sincerely hope this is read as an inspiring message rather than taken as a chastisement, as that it my true heart behind it. As I have learned through my experiences serving in a number of churches, there are always going to be opportunities to become offended, but what I have learned over the past few years is that taking offense is a personal choice. Becoming offended is not something that happens to us, but a weapon of the enemy which we way too often willingly allow.

Bless you all and I say this with all authenticity: I LOVE YOU and want the very best for you.

"In all that you do, do it as unto the Lord!"


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