Monday, August 22, 2016

Mini & Me

Saturday morning when I got home from exercising, I sat down to have my after-workout snack of yogurt, shredded wheat, a banana and water. My mini-me came up and said she wanted a snack too, and could she please have yogurt. And then, of course, she wanted everything else that I had, including her water bottle. I couldn't help but laugh! She was copying everything I was doing in that moment, and I was setting a great example for her! I was so thankful my husband was right there with us, so I had him grab my phone to take this priceless photo of my daughter and me eating a healthy snack :)


  1. Love it! Way to go Sarah, setting a good example for the next generation so they don't have to overcome the same struggles we are.

  2. Thanks for sharing Sarah. You are a great mom. I love those little times that melt our hearts.

  3. There are all kinds of eyes on us in this program. That is why it is so key that we trust and follow the process and the advice who have gone before us and have achieved the kind of results that we want to replicate. Nicely done Sarah!