Tuesday, August 16, 2016

It was a dark and stormy night...
I had planned to fill out the Trail Blazer application last night. My Ipad, phone, bottle of water and quilt were with me in the safe hallway while waiting out the storm. Of course Mr. Wonderful was standing in the patio door watching the black sky. He has a way of challenging God - like putting his seat belt on while driving down the bypass. Or igniting the stream of WD40 to "torch" hornets. He tends to keep me in prayer. But long before I could calm down and go to the Trail Blazer link, he informed me that I was just being silly and the storm had passed us to the North. I know that many of my family and friends were still in the path of the storm. I prayed they would be safe and suffer minimal damage. I still haven't heard from everyone this morning. It seems "some" of us were being cautious, others, not so much.
In this present darkness, the storm of sweat and anguish challenges me with staying safe or pushing myself. I hope I am doing more of the pushing and less of the staying safe. It's a fine line some days. But we are assured that we are going "through" the tunnel. The light is just ahead.


  1. Your blogs always make me smile, you've got this!

  2. Your blogs always make me smile, you've got this!