Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Update to my sickness and weigh in first.

Well with me being sick last week and the infection in my chest, I was concerned.  Concerned that I would not lose weight at all.  Well... It turns out I ended up dropping 5.2 pounds bringing my current loss to 22 pounds.  I am feeling amazing and I cannot wait to do more and lose more.  To give you an idea of how much 20 pounds is.  I lost the weight equivalent to a dining room chair or a car tire.  So I guess I have been carrying around a spare tire.  By the end of this adventure I expect to have lost a least a 5 gallon jug of water which is 40 pounds.

Matt is out this week so Dick has stepped up to workout with me in the morning.  I am pretty sure that no one asked him.  He just did it so I would have someone to work out with.  It is greatly appreciated that he has done that.  Did you know he is doing a push up challenge?  He is going to end up doing 30 thousand of them this month.  My mind is blown away by that number.

EJ changed up my routine this morning on the bike.  20 minutes at my normal pace which is still pretty good at least in my mind, rationalizing it that way.  After the 20 minutes I break do some stretching.  I get back on the bike but with two little friends, which are 3 pound weights.  So the plan is to bike normal for a minute, then the next minute bike and punch with the weights.  Go back to normal biking then the next minute punch the sky with the weights.  3 pounds does not seem like a lot but oh my gosh, my arms felt like jelly when I was done.

Also if you are not aware, weights seem to alter the space time continuum.  Just biking the minute seemed to go by in like ten seconds.  When punching with the weights time seemed to come to a stand still.  I swear I watched the timer on the bike and it was flashing the same number over and over again.  Just like how VCR's would when you plugged them in.


  1. 22!! A spare tire gone!!
    You have a great blog!
    Yep using weights definitely makes time slooooow down!
    I am so happy for you and proud of you!

  2. Weigh To Go Adam! It's amazing to compare what we lose with the weight of something else. You are doing so well! You'll be dropping another tire in no time.

  3. Adam, I used to participate in a bowling league and remember what a 14 lb ball feels like, and you have already surpassed that. Amazing job, especially injured and sick. Keep it up and see how God's "abundant life, to the full and overflowing" feels on you!