Friday, August 5, 2016


I will write my "real" blog in a moment - this blog is for my team mate Adam!

I was introduced to the exercise ball today in therapy. I, naturally, thought of you!  

Only - my exercises were different. WAY different.

My favorite moment today in therapy was balancing on the ball, bridging, and then lifting a leg!
I started laughing HYSTERICALLY!  It is really hard to balance while laughing HYSTERICALLY!
I'm pretty sure everyone in the room was laughing - it was the funniest moment EVER! Once I would stop laughing, I could do it! Then I would laugh again!  Here is a picture for you :)

Now - if I stop laughing - I will be doing these exercises at home!!!!!

I have really exciting news to share with my teammates... but I have a meeting to run too! Stay tuned!


  1. Excellent. I am glad that I can make you laugh while doing your therapy. I like to joke and have a good time. I hope what I do does not come across as complaining. Look forward to hearing the great news.

    1. Just be warned that if we ever have to work out on the exercise balls together - I GIGGLE a lot!!!!

  2. To me the funniest was when the alumni were heading back to do sleds while the rest of you went to learn the machine. As we were walking back there we looked over and the ball got away on Andreas and he rolled over the ball and flipped backwards.