Friday, August 5, 2016

Blog?? More like Blerg.

So...I havn't blogged yet. 

Frank sent me a very diplomatic email reminding me to blog. I of course sent a very casual yet friendly reply promising to deliver and blaming my memory on my absence on said blog. The truth is I didn't forget, not really. The truth is I don't like blogging. It's not that I think there is anything wrong with blogging. Blogging is great! I used to love blogging. I even had my own blog. (I guess technically I still have a blog?)

So now when I see all of your awesome blog entries I think, "Why don't I want to do this?" Followed by about five seconds of introspection, close out blog and on to something else. Thanks to Frank I'm forced to face my blog hatery (I know, it's not a word). I'll do that by breaking the blog ice. 

 *cue dramatic blog start music*

After a week and a half I think the most surprising element of this experience has been how frequently I find my self wondering about why. Why did I get to this point? I'm not typically geared this way. Maybe the copious amounts of fresh raw vegetables I'm eating are impacting my brain chemistry? Honestly, I think I know the why. It's not that complex but I'll keep dodging it with poor humor and elite level sarcasm. 

There I've written a blog. Mainly about not wanting to write a blog. I leave you with Red Green as I promise to be back here more often.


  1. I get the feeling about not wanting to blog. I didn't want to at first either. Now I enjoy doing it. I know you use to blog but at least they do not need to be 800 words or other strict guidelines. Just twice a week. Keep up the good work though.

  2. Derek, I'm so proud of you for blogging! See, that wasn't so had now was it? And we all know you love Red Green. Keep up the good work and you will see great results! Trust the process.

  3. Hey! Derek! I've been waiting to read your blog all week. So glad you are hanging in there and making it work. Keep yer stick on the ice...if you have to...I guess.

  4. Understanding why is a great learning tool. When you understand some of the whys then you know areas you need to make changes in so what caused you to get where you are won't do it to you again. Thanks for blogging.