Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Doubling Down!

I had a surprise guest to walk with today. Wes, from FWSW season 8 joined me to walk this morning at the Brotherhood campus. It was awesome. We had a chance for some deep discussion, sharing of personal journeys of faith and falling, and testimonies of how God is working in both of our lives. What a blessing it was!

As for the doubling down, I so appreciate everyone's encouraging words with regard to the way I was feeling after Monday night's weigh in. I have a history of being tough on myself and am choosing to use last week's result to push me even more this week.

So, because of the walking and talking I did this morning, I am committed to doing a second round of walking / jogging tonight after dinner for 45 minutes to catch up with the training plan. This program is really a divine appointment from God as it is about so much more than just my own personal healthy goals, but about the relationships we are making along the way and the impact we will each have on so many others, some of whom we may never become aware of but who are nonetheless watching us and our journey.

Thankful for developing -- Strength. Flexibility. Resiliency. Endurance.


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  1. Wes gave me a big bear hug after walking. He's a very interesting man. I'm glad you had a good walk and talk.