Thursday, August 18, 2016

Not so bad

Before BMSW3, I almost always chose the elevator because I am on the third floor. When BMSW3 started, I decided to choose the stairs more often than the elevator, and I'm so glad I did. During the gym workout this morning, we did the "dreaded" party train that we've been hearing about off an on for a few weeks. We did two sets of walking up and down a flight of stairs, which was a total of 11 flights. Doing it together made it so much more fun and tolerable than if we had to do it alone. I didn't think the party train was so bad! At least today, anyway :)


  1. Good planning ahead Sarah. I didn't get the same take on those stairs - no party for me.

  2. Woohoo! How cool that you have already been doing stairs at work, on purpose!

  3. You are rocking! Keep hanging tough!