Wednesday, August 17, 2016

No Pizza For Me

Our group has been working hard for the past year on building a new design for the Ministry First policy document and retrieving all of the data that goes into it to build XML files to produce the document.  We are in the homestretch and today pizza will be provided as a reward for our hard work.  I had thought that I could handle a slice or two.  Last night I looked up Pizza Hut supreme pizza on MFP.  One slice is 410 calories!  That's 25% of my daily allotment.  I am sad to say that I will not be joining my co-workers but I will be thinking of them (and my next weigh in) when I'm eating my packed lunch.  {sigh}


  1. Haha! Good for you Dave. You can do this.

    BTW, I was up last night until nearly 10pm (an hour past my normal bedtime these days) slicing fruits and veggies for an amazing tasting baby spinach based salad. Those guys and gals eating the pizza today are the ones who will be missing out on good, wholesome eating, and you won't be missing a thing. Keep up the good work!

    1. Awesome job, Mr. Dave! I was recently in a similar situation with family. It's totally worth it when you step on the scales!!

  2. Way to stay strong Dave! I saw all the pizza boxes by the trash at lunch today. I'm glad you chose wisely.

  3. That pizza only tastes good for a minute, the feeling you get when you are down another couple pounds lasts a whole lot longer! Plus you will have more energy later from the good foods you ate compared to the people who are trying to stay awake from being weighed down by processed greasy fat filled food :). Proud of you for making good choices even though they are hard ones.

  4. Dave it was THE BEST to see how excited you were after losing so much this week! You did it by making right choices this past week and stepping back from the pizza table! Your doing great!