Wednesday, October 12, 2016

YES, WAY!! Believe & Achieve!

My first timed mile on 07/27/16 was 12:13, which was a complete shocker to me. This morning was our second timed mile and I did it in 9:42!! I had to stop myself from saying "no way!" I wasn't sure what to think this morning: due to my Achilles' Tendon situation, I've only tried jogging twice since the first week. Should I try to run, shouldn't I . . . ? I've felt pretty good this week, so I thought I'd go for it and I'm so glad I did. When I got around the first big curve, everything inside me wanted to quit. But I had the bracelet on that Dick gave us yesterday, and I started thinking about what he said. Then I said a short prayer. I decided to believe that I could finish and that I would run until I felt like I couldn't breathe anymore. As with a lot of other things, like the stair stepper and Jacob's Ladder, I hit a point very quickly where everything is so difficult that I want to quit. But if I can push through those few minutes, then whatever I'm doing because a bit easier. Not that it's easy, but my body isn't screaming at me to completely quit. So  yes way!! I've put in a ton of work and instead of saying I just can't believe what I did this morning, I do believe that I did it - I achieved!!


  1. So proud of you Sarah, way to push through! Reminds me of when we started doing the longer running distances and Holy Spirit would say, "You can do anything for 3 minutes. Oh look, now it is less than that. You can do anything for 2 minutes... and so on."

    God says you are an "overcomer" and it is always good to agree with what He says, even if your body or mind want to disagree. You are made in His likeness: You are a spirit. You live in a body. And you possess a soul (mind, will, and emotions). So the real you took charge and directed your body and mind to follow your lead. Way to take charge and get 'er done!!! :)

  2. Sarah, you are amazing! I'm so glad you decided to do the BMSW. It wouldn't have been as fun without you. You inspire us to keep pushing with your screams and crazy laughing. I'm so proud of you and your accomplishments!