Friday, October 7, 2016

Well, it is amazing how playing one little game can change your daily routine.  I want to thank everyone for your care and concern.  I received a call just a little while ago, it was my doctor's office telling me that I do have a small tear but surgery is not required!  I have to wear the boot for four weeks, which is okay because I can park in the handicapped parking spot at work. (what a deal).

I am planning on doing the Timed Mile on Wednesday.  I have made arrangement with Brotherhood to use one of their golf carts.  That's legal isn't it?


  1. Mike, I know that your injury isn't good but I'm glad that it wasn't worse. I've saw you earlier today walking around in your boot. You seemed to be moving pretty good, considering. I'm OK with you using the golf cart just as long as you turn the headlights on and that I'm nowhere on the path when you're motoring through. You may win the award for the best improved time.

  2. Mike, I'm glad you are in good spirits. I'm glad your injury is treatable without surgery. I'm glad you are going to let me ride in the golf cart.

  3. Sorry about boot and injury. Been there, not fun, Rick, Tina, EJ , Andreas can help you know what to do with yourself these 4 weeks.