Friday, October 7, 2016

...and Then There Was One

Only one week to go.  This is it.  ...the homestretch, ...the end of the line ...the last hurrah, ...the last chance for gas on the long highway of weight loss.  veni, vidi, vici,  We came, we saw, we conquered (mostly).  Some of us didn't make it.  Others were injured.  That's all part of climbing the mountain.  But unlike a mountain there is no summit, only more climbing (can you say Jacob's Ladder?).  Weight loss isn't a destination, it's a journey.  I doubt if I will become a runner but I will be active.  This isn't the last week, it's the week before the first week.  Thanks to everyone for starting me off!


  1. Dave, I remember thinking I would never make it this far. I'm so surprised at how quickly the weeks went and how sad I feel at being so near the end. You have a great perspective on this is just the beginning. Glad to be part of our group! And of course, Team Green rocks!

  2. Last week before first week of the rest of your life! I am not a runner, and I have stayed active. Find what you love, commit to a schedule, make it an unquestioned habit. Keep going strong!
    PS Frank often walks around the high school while waiting for OUR marching band kid...