Monday, October 10, 2016

The Big Try Out.
Saturday was my attempt to do the Trail Blazer 5K. I was planning on adding enough steps to complete our 4mile goal. So thinking thru the map, I headed over to Woodside Middle School and drove what I remembered from "The Map". It took me on an adventure thru woods, up hills, around bends, no sidewalks. hmmm. This can't be right. So back at Woodside Middle School, I decided I'll just wing it. I knew I had to be on Eggeman, Homestead, Aboite Center and Covington Roads. I just kept on walking until I had completed all of those paths. "The Hill" seemed to be a constant companion, but they were all doable. Finally heading back to the car I started thinking, "Was it Woodside or Summit Middle School?" Hmmm.
Moral of the story: Read the instructions. And trust that you will eventually end up where you belong.


  1. On Sunday if you aren't back by dark we'll send out a search party.

    1. Please do. I have only one fear and that is starting this race and not finishing in time. All the rest is easy peasy. Well, except for breathing and not tripping.

  2. I was wondering why you were by The Chapel when I drove by and honked at you on Saturday, :D

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  4. I wondered who was honking at me. I was encouraged that someone noticed. Thanks Nicholle.