Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Gratitude, Appreciation, and a Spirit of Thanksgiving

This has been a great week reflection and the sense of gratitude is welling up in me big time. Way too many thing to list here and now, but some I would like to highlight include being back on the gym floor doing EJ's workouts. Yesterday was my first day back and while I was prohibited from running and doing Tina's party trains up and down the stairs, I noticed a huge difference in the soreness once I awoke this morning. My quads are on fire after doing just two sets of medicine ball squats, spider crawls (or whatever they're called), and side steps with the resistance band. I can only imagine how amazing it would feel had I not taken my brief detour to the arm bike and the pool. That said however, I am so thankful for having a chance to experience both of these workout environments as well, and being blessed to do so with my other water logged friends. Overall, I feel well equipped to know what to do going forward from the perspectives of workout options as well as intensity.

This morning's final timed mile was awesome! Wanting to be obedient to my trainer's instructions, walking a consistently brisk pace was my only goal and it paid off. Thanks to a long and strong stride, I was pleasantly surprised to have shaved off nearly 4 minutes (3:53) from my initial timed mile in July. This has given me a confidence boost as I look forward to walking the 5K on Sunday.

As for what I am most stoked for, the coming "finale" on Saturday. What a blessing it will be to witness the abundant joy on the faces in and the body language of all of my peer participants and their families, the alumni, the Brotherhood employees and their families, and the trainers as they are all celebrated for the many, many accomplishments that have culminated for such as time as this. And knowing that God gets all the glory because what has come to pass is a deepening of faith and an overcoming that prior to participation in this program just wasn't happening on our own.

Adding to that is the impact on and inspiration of others who have been watching us throughout the transformation process, and who may themselves be considering or already taking steps toward living a healthy lifestyle. I used too not care about my health because in my own twisted reasoning, I had always been "relatively healthy" regardless of the weight I was carrying or the food I was eating, but wow was I wrong to hold on to that perspective. So many opportunities have become available since turning from my ways to this new way, honoring God by better stewarding over this body He has given me and being a good example and inspiration for others. This is ministry. This is good!

Thank you God for your support and encouragement, and for using those who have surrounded me throughout the process. Let me never take my health for granted, nor my responsibility now that I know better lightly again. For to those who have received, much is now required.


  1. What an incredible and amazing 12 weeks. I agree Gavin, this time was such a gift to us in so many ways. May we all continue to grow in our faith, our commitment to healthy living and to expanding our witness to all.