Thursday, September 1, 2016

Wrong decimal spot and 2lbs of lettuce.

For lunch I had a great salad with some chicken breast on it with an olive oil vinaigrette for the dressing.  So the first thing I do is go and measure how much lettuce I have.  Alright I got 0.19 pounds of lettuce.  Downside to the scale that we have in the cafeteria everything is in pounds.  So I open up MFP and enter romaine lettuce.  Hmm... No option for pounds, I can do liquid ounces.  Yeah, no thank you.  Awesome, I can choose grams, one problem I don't know the conversion rate.  So to try and learn something new I would DuckDuckGo the answer 1lb to grams.  The answer is 453.59g in case you didn't already know it.  So I start to do the math in my head.

Eureka!  The answer is 86.18g, simple because after a minute I was like skip it I will just DuckDuckGo the answer.  My salad was getting warm and I was hungry.  In MFP I enter 861.8g and accept it.  Turns out that is 150 calories of lettuce, which seems like a lot.  I check it again and realized I put the decimal in the wrong spot.  With that one little mistake I had gone from eating .19 pounds of lettuce to 1.9 pounds.  

Remember to make sure that what you enter into MFP is accurate because simple mistakes can make a huge impact.


  1. That is hilarious, Adam! Thanks for the reference to DuckDuckGo! :)

  2. he he. I want to see you eat that much lettuce in one sitting. Happy (or should I say, Hoppy) Labor Day!

  3. Too funny!! Now THAT would be a big fiber boost ;)