Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tickle me Elmo

I have a new nickname. Well - I have actually had it for several weeks and just haven't shared it LOL.

They call me tickle me Elmo in therapy.
That cute, adorable red furry guy that laughs. A. Lot.

I really can't help it! Its quite spontaneous too!

I have been laughing less - they aren't moving my knee cap as much and breaking scar tissue (Praise God!!!)

In fact, rumor has it, that I may get to cut back to ONE therapy session weekly soon.

Since I have this nickname, I'm thinking of stealing my son's snuggie.
At Christmas last year - one of my 16 year old son's brothers bought him a snuggie that I suspect mortified him. You have to picture this. He was 15 at the time. Grown up in his eyes. Teenager. Cool beyond all belief. He opens his gift. The expression on his face - PRICELESS!

No judgement if I start wearing it please - here it is!

Definitely could rock this!

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