Monday, September 19, 2016

Staging a Comeback!

Last week was filled with many challenges stemming from my increase in workout intensity. While I am not disappointed in the accomplishments I made (extra stairs using added weight, personal best endurance jogs, champion mode on the sleds, etc.), I need to remember to listen to my body's queues. For example, during the last couple of laps on the track, my feet were starting to drag in my stride. That should have been my first clue. During PT appointments, I have to speak up when something hurts. Too often I get in the mode of just "taking it" like a man, but the reality is, when our body is ready to for a break, we need to respect it.

The exciting part for me is that whereas a couple of days last week it hurt to even touch my foot to the floor, elevate it on a cushion, or just lay on the bed with my legs extended and foot still, today I am feeling much better and way less pain. I was even able to walk up and down stairs with handrail support.

I am even excited about the next couple of weeks. The ankle specialist at Fort Wayne Orthopedics recommended two weeks of low impact workouts wearing a lace-up boot. Apparently the connective tissue I strained is a critical one that connects my inner ankle to the bottom of my foot. He said if that becomes more painful, I am to see him immediately because should it be further damaged, the entire foot will collapse requiring a very serious and extensive surgery to repair both the tissue and reshape the foot to its original form. Eek!

So, all that to say that I am very excited about the caliber of expertise and care we have access to in this program. Every trainer and specialist has a vital role to play in our journey to health, and I am thrilled that everyone is looking out for us to the best of their ability.

Also, this situation gives me an opportunity to buddy up with those who have had a chance to "play" in the pool. Yeah, I did that this morning with the medium resistance dumb bells for about 40-minutes. It is no joke, rather a lot of work! Surely, this could become one of my (many) favorite parts of the 12-week experience.

As for motivation and attitude, I hope you all hear that I am as excited as ever about the path I am on. I can still be "intense" in my workouts, just in a modified way. The reality is, I noticed this morning the need to put another new hole in my belt and folks continue commenting on the transformation they are noticing in my face and body.

I give all thanks to God for this program, our team of trainers, alumni, nutrition, and medical professionals, sponsors, Spiece, and Brotherhood Mutual. Before this began, I was proving unsuccessful at doing it myself, but as a result of the experience, I am becoming more equipped and empowered to continue on my own after the program ends. My confidence is building, my body is being reconditioned, and I count it all joy - yes, even the trials.

Bless you,


  1. Many praises! that surgery sounds awful - trust and follow the resources to recovery!

  2. Thanks for your upbeat attitude in the midst of pain. Hang in there Gavin.

  3. Your attitude is amazing and you continue to do amazing! It just goes to show that no matter what, you can always tackle whatever is thrown your way! Keep it up!!

  4. They say that it's 80% diet and 20% exercise. You can do a lot with the diet. It's like they say, if it feels good, do it. If it don't feel good, don't do it.

  5. So proud of you and your attitude!