Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Follow Directions

Even though I had a good weigh in this morning, the workout was brutal. Thought I would save everyone the time and just call it what we were most likely all thinking. Of course, then there's Derek who has become my chief competition... And judging by the way he was killing those Frankenstein marches, he would likely disagree.

Anyway, perhaps I have a couple of explanations that when combined may help put this week's weight loss into perspective. A couple weeks ago, I had been running low on my BP med so for a day or two I stopped taking it because truly I have been having my BP checked by Nicole every Tuesday and the trend has been great. But then, I seemed to forget the med was in my drawer at work, so the pass continued for almost a week. The last two days leading up to the week 5 weigh in I noticed some swelling in my ankles, and when I mentioned it to Nicole, she suggested I check with my Doc to discuss moving from BP med to a water pill to address the swelling. So the first theory is, I didn't experience much weight loss by our previous weigh in due to excess water buildup. The second theory is that by staying under the 1600 calorie cap (which has been tough for me to be consistent with in the past) I nailed pretty hard last week, coming in at or below (by up to 200 cals or so) each day. I have noticed that weekends are less calorie intensive for me because I am not sitting at my desk for extended periods of time, but rather doing something more engaging.

The second factor was participating in Cece's class last Saturday. Also brutal, but I was able to endure most of the 40 minutes and remain standing.

So, the lessons in this week's weight loss result for me personally are... don't make sudden changes in by not taking a med without discussing with the Doc first (although in this case, part of the issue was forgetfulness), and trust the process as evidenced by doing the work (limit the calories while eating healthy alternatives, and stay cardio active at 6 days per week).

The sum total lesson being: FOLLOW DIRECTIONS

Another reminder from God that with obedience comes great benefits!

Blessings to all!

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