Thursday, September 29, 2016

An early reflection on the lessons I have learned...

Upon leaving my garage this morning as I headed for the gym, I began recalling and thanking God for all the lessons he has provided me throughout the journey known as the Brotherhood Mutual Smallest Winner program. There are so many.

Here is a starter list:

  • God always has a plan and knows what we need, even before we acknowledge it or ask.
  • Everything begins at the point of our decision to commit.
  • There is no commitment in the word: "Try"
  • Goals can be quantitative, but if they are arbitrary they will always fall short of "Beast mode" performance and "Champion" level motivation, and the final outcome will be less than what could have been ultimately been achieved if it has a strong emotional pull.
  • Our WHY must be bigger than the sum of our excuses to sustain us through the ups and downs.
  • Community matters. Family is even better. As my pastor likes to say, "Life is better together"
  • It is much easier to show up than to think about showing up.
  • Pain, soreness, discomfort, injury, and criticisms from the disengaged are signs of progress.
  • Sometimes just a little resistance is enough to get an amazing workout.
  • The saying, "Trust the process" is better characterised as obedience training.
  • We are all members one body... when one falls, we all fall... when one wins, we all win. We all perform better when we support, sharpen, and lift up each other.
  • Don't quit. If we get up and keep pressing forward, the law of persistence will help us prevail.
  • Success is hard, but so is failure. Which is more worth your struggle?
  • Attitude is a great catalyst when the road ahead is filled with obstacles.
  • God can see the end from the beginning. Trusting him is vital to every sustainable success.
  • Defer to wise counsel. Follow directions.
  • Sprouts are signs of progress. Take time to notice them, and nurture and protect them. As was shared by those who have gone before us, what we celebrate when we cross the finish line isn't as meaningful as the small daily victories we've celebrated along the way.
Okay, now it is your turn. As followers of this post and as fellows "Winners" (current or alumni), I would really like to hear some of your lessons from your season of victories.

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