Friday, August 5, 2016

Wrapping up Week #2

I have heard over and over again that the first two weeks are the toughest. This makes me happy because we are nearing the end of our second week in BMSW. One thing I'll say is that my sense of adventure is surely expanding. Over these first two weeks I have explored many new foods and new activities to work my body and my mind. Today, for example, I packed a bunch of green, yellow, and red bell peppers I prepared last night for snack, along with hummus and a plum. Already downed the plum and it was awesome juiciness! As for the workouts, for today's challenge, I opted for what Rick said is the most demanding machine in the gym - the stair climber. The way I see it, why not push beyond my comfort zone. I am here, so I am may as well see what my body can do. We cannot achieve genuine and lasting victory if we don't go all in.

I remember my high school baseball coach telling us that when running bases, never turn to watch the ball. You'll be more successful keeping your eye on the base in front of you. He was a wise man. Jesus says we are to be single eyed. Constantly focused on Him. Well, if I were to take shortcuts or make excuses, I would not be doing everything as if for Him. My desire is to be all in for Him and that means trusting He will help me through anything, even intimidating exercises.

After getting cleaned up this morning and heading out of the locker room, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I have to say, not only do I feel amazing, I am starting to look healthier too! What an experience!

For those who may not be seeing a dramatic measure of transformation in themselves, I would challenge you to consider the farmer. He would never invest blood, sweat, and tears in planting his crops only to trample the sprouts when they begin coming up. No way! He would take notice of how they are doing and continue to water and nurture them until they become the manifestation of the full potential that was in those little seeds. Take time to reflect and blog about even the smallest of positive changes you are noticing. Tend to your sprouts, and you and those around you will witness the fruit of your faithfulness throughout the process.

Here is one of my favorite sprouts for the week. Does anyone have a leather punch?

Blessings to all. Have a great weekend!


  1. Punchy the Awl is at Rich's desk. I think it's going to getting around.

  2. Nail and Hammer LOL! Awesome!!!! Sometimes heating up the nail works better!

  3. Gavin there is still a tougher machine which you will meet soon enough "Jacob's Ladder' and you will conquer that too. The first two weeks are the toughest because of having to change your who life normalcy. The workouts won't get technically easier because as you can do what EJ has taught you he will up the level of intensity and difficulty to keep you moving forward. You will conquer all of that as well.

  4. Great reminder to celebrate all the little changes!!