Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Week 5 of 12?

12 weeks and complete a 10k is what we were told in the beginning.  The time left is short, for the program at least.  I may be on week 5 but it is week 5 of a whole new me.  I have been feeling pretty good although a little sore and tired. I could not take the old life any more.  In case anyone is interested you can get rope, lye, and a shovel at Home Depot for $30.  I buried my old way of life and do not expect to go back.

Will there be times of ups and downs?  You betcha, every one has them.  When the times are down I can only look at it and say yup I messed up time to move on.  Learn from the mistake and make an improvement.  Multiple mistakes does not mean that you fail it just means you have not found the right path yet.  For example WD-40 the household product that I think everyone has in there house. 

Norman Larsen who invented the product was a self taught chemist.  First off that would be terrifying if you mixed something wrong.  So Norman was the founder of the Rocket Chemical Company.  He was asked to create a product that would help rust forming on the outside of the Atlas rockets.  It was his 40th attempt at the product to get it right.  A small setback is not something to worry about because you can turn yourself around.  I feel bad for the guy who invented 409 cleaning agent.  I don't think is how it got its name.


  1. Time is going quickly and we have changed a lot. I'm glad you are on this journey and have shared some of your challenges and successes Adam. We have a ways to go, actually a life time to go, but I think we will be glad we are making the changes now instead of never. God has a way of taking our messes and turning them in to His successes.

    1. That's all true Connie! The next few weeks will go by so fast you might even get a nose bleed! You will be amazed at the outcome that you never thought possible in the beginning! You are also correct that this is a life change, not a diet or quick fix for everything!

  2. Adam, I love that you are talking about the fact that we all make mistakes and that we just need to keep moving forward and try again! Speaking as an alumni, I know it's easy to look at me and see perfection (TOTALLY JOKING!!). But no, it easy to think the alumni have figured it all out, but that's not true. We are human as well and we struggle and we fall. That why we talk so much about supporting each other. We are a family all of us and we are in this together, if you allow it!
    So little brother, I'm going to KEEP pushing you to be your best as I pray you will continue to do the same to me!