Friday, August 26, 2016

Was caught cheating

Not really cheating but I was making myself look good on a pull up in the pool.  I did it jokingly though but seemed to impress Paula when I was able to lift half my body out of the pool.  How do you ask did I accomplish this feat after my arms were already feeling the burn from the drill sergeant Paula.  I was using the ladder to step up and made it look like I was doing awesome.  In reality at that point I was barely able to get through the 10 that we needed to do.  All in all it was a pretty good workout.

Drill sergeant Paula did an amazing job this morning working us out in the pool.  My arms and legs felt like Jello.  One of the hardest parts is running/walking in circles in the pool.  The 6 of us there had a pretty decent current going and then Paula made us switch directions.  I almost felt like I was being pulled out to the deep end because of the current.

When you get out of the water after a workout like that you feel the full effects of gravity.  My legs became heavier than steel and I could barely lift my towel off the bench.  So what am I doing today while at work.  Standing I am using a stand up desk for the day.  I will be sore by the end of the work day.  Thanks drill sergeant Paula.


  1. Adam - you are in so much trouble! (I'm using that sing-songy way of saying it, you know, like your little sister tattle telling on you.)

  2. I admire your work ethic Adam. You don't make excuses, but just keep pushing yourself to do the hard stuff even if it burns. Good for you sir! Bravo man!

  3. Okay, after much time, trying to post another picture of Sergeant Payne up close and personal with the saying, "You plottin on me boy?" I found out we are unable to post int he comments. So you must imagine or even google for that image. There were many other images I wanted to post in here too, but they were inappropriate, but OH so funny!
    At any rate, I'm totally cool with being called (not called) drill sergeant. I had the most fun today in the pool than any other day in the pool. I honestly don't know how we didn't all drown with all the laughter that we each were doing! It was like an infection, that Terry T, Deb, Dawn, Adam, and even Frank were all laughing at points! I was amazed at how MANY times Adam tried to "cheat" during our workout and how long it took me to catch on. But, honestly he was only cheating for a second and then kickin it hard to get his sweat on! Everyone was rockin it today. I walked out the pool feeling like jello arms/legs as well. We had an amazing day and the rest of you should TOTALLY be jelous!
    Several people have felt bad for Adam that he's not been able to be with the rest of us working out. Let me testify that WE are missing out on not having ADAM with US! He's is so motivating and HILARIOUS! He doesn't stop, even when he wants to, he keeps pushing on and kicks it HARD.

  4. Awesome! I sure miss working out in the pools!