Friday, August 19, 2016

One Step Beyond

Party Train?!  What kind of party was this?  Like no party I've ever been a part of before.  But how to go on., what would it take to finish?  Is it over yet or must we go on?  Watch the video below to see what was running through my head while attending the so called "Party Train". 

My final set of stairs for the day will be my trip up to bed, which will be very soon, but I've thought a lot today about what Frank said this morning.  I have not been happy for some time about how I would get winded on the way up two flights at work. And yet, this morning it felt like we all slayed the stairs.  Next Tuesday the Estimating department moves up to the rarified air that Frank shares; the third floor.  See you on the stairs Frank..., or should I say, ONE STEP BEYOND!


  1. It is so awesome to see every single thing that you are improving on, and getting stronger in and celebrate it!
    Stairs getting easier is NO SMALL tbing!

  2. I think we need this party music next time we have a party train. It's very motivating.

  3. You guys haven't even really had the party part to those trains. It's just not the same without the party master, Tina! Woot woot!