Monday, August 8, 2016


1. literally, someone who lacks enough intelligence that they never learned to breathe through their nose.

2. a really dumb person.

I am not putting myself under either of those definitions at least not this time.  So the head cold that I had last week ended up being a sinus infection.  Making me have to breathe through my mouth.  So I go to the doctor get an antibiotic, one good thing is it hasn't moved into my chest.  So basically I have a stress fracture to deal with and a sinus infection.  When it rains it pours the only good thing is that the sun usually comes out when it is done.  So I am keeping my head held high and will continue to work through this.  Granted I have to watch what I do because I lose my breath rather quickly since I am a mouth breather.

Tomorrow I plan on either working on the ball, biking, or possibly doing work in the pool.  Either way I will overcome.

I want to thank Paula, Dawn, Gavin, and Ashley for joining me Saturday morning in the dungeon.  I had a wonderful workout with them and it helped me breathe a little better for a few hours.


  1. Hang in there Adam. You are doing great. Head colds and sinus infections are a pain, but stay strong.

  2. You are an amazing man of faith and obedience, Adam. You are doing something that so many others in a similar situation would have dodged by now. There is a tenacity in you, a drive, a fire. You know, I remember hearing of an interview someone did of Michaelangeo (sp?) once. The person asked him how he created such amazing works of art. His answer was priceless and reflects what I believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ is all about - revealing hidden value! He supposedly told the interviewer that he sees the masterpiece that is hidden within an uncut stone, and just chisels and chips away at the excess that surrounds it until the original beauty comes into full view.

    That is you, baby! The mighty man of valor is inside and I believe we shall be seeing the fullness of who God created you to be come into clear focus in the very near future my friend.

    Keep pushing in faith, rejoicing in the tiniest of things that demonstrate progress is happening. And we'll all be hear to cheer you along!

  3. I LOVED working out with you! You are very tough! Keep up the great work - I'm certainly PROUD to call you my team mate!

  4. I LOVED working out with you! You are very tough! Keep up the great work - I'm certainly PROUD to call you my team mate!

  5. Adam, it was great! I hope you get over all your ailments soon so that you can join the group again! We miss you!!!

  6. Remember God is in control and will help you to go forward no matter what you are going through