Monday, August 15, 2016

Going above and beyond... Is it always a good thing?

I am excited to be starting week #4, although I have to share that while I have been going above and beyond in some of our workout activities, in one case it isn't exactly what I need to strive for. It seems last week I was going slightly above the daily calorie cap of 1600 per day. This is not good and I feel it. I would be surprised if I even reach 3 lbs lost at tonight's weigh in, even though I left buckets of sweat on the floor and sled last week.

Saturday's class with Cici left my calves and inner thighs screaming in agony. Seems it is a bit worse today than even yesterday. I had already completed the 2 1/2 mile walk on Saturday morning before her class began. I wasn't even sure I was going to go, but as a guy from a previous season wisely pointed out, "The thought of going to Cici's class is harder than to actually be in the class." What a truism. I totally agree!

As I shared with my workout buddy Dawn this morning while walking around the gym, this program for me is way more than just an exercise in losing weight and inches. It is also about training my mind to think a new way about nutrition and healthy activity. I was reminded of the Apostle Paul where he mentions knowing what he ought to do and not do, but yet he still wondered why he did the things he no longer wanted to do.

For me, the mental retraining is the toughest part of the whole program and represents a big part of why I was not as successful trying to lose weight on my own.

One of the great quotes I received the other day is so appropriate:

"If you're going to choose to fear something,

don't fear failure. Fear mediocrity!"

~ Mack Story

Blessings all!

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