Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Back In The Saddle Again

I just erased everything I wrote because I realized something. I was originally going to say that I had a rough weekend, and that making the choice to sleep in Saturday morning led to the weekend going downhill. True, the weekend was a bit rough for me. Sleeping in pushed all my meals way back and I forgot to pack a snack when my family and I went to the park one morning. However, I truly needed that sleep and my weekend did not go downhill! Yes, I was behind on planning. It's so easy to "worry" about others, making sure they have everything they need, and totally forget about myself and what I need. However, I did not make any terrible food choices. I actually made some pretty good choices in a rush, and I did get some movement in! I missed waking up early Monday morning to exercise. But I figured out that 16 laps around the square where I sit at work equals a mile, and I made several laps throughout the day!

I have to say I'm glad it's Tuesday. I'm "back in the saddle again," back to a good routine. I went into workout this morning a bit fearful that it would be too hard. I spent at least the last couple weeks on the bike and one day in the pool. Those are definitely challenging activities! I think for me, though, the gym is the most challenging of everything we've done so far. But it turned out to be just what I needed. In one corner, I did the side walk squats with bands around my ankles to half court and back, walked to the next corner to do 12 iron bridges, walked to the next corner to do squats with an 8lb ball, and walked to the last corner for resistance bands for the shoulder blades. I made it through 3 rounds!

Back to the 8lb ball. I read Connie's post before I started mine. In hers, she posted that "Dave mentioned about the ball at the squat station: "hey this is as much weight as I've lost!" This made me realize I was also squatting with almost as much weight as I've lost!!


  1. I ponder out loud if they would bring out bigger balls when we lost more weight. Frank said "No, you just get two balls of half that weight and put them under each arm." Hmm, something to look forward to.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Rule of thumb Dave, NEVER believe what Frank is saying unless he is addressing the WHOLE group. LOL

  2. Good turn around in your attitude and outlook Sarah! Keep it up, you are doing great.

  3. Sarah great blog, it's good to see that your turning your thinking around and recognizing that it's not always to see the little things that have changed, yet it IS so important to see the little changes!

  4. Isn't it amazing to truly consider just how far you've come in such a short period of time. It blows my mind. Keep pressin' in!

  5. Isn't it amazing to truly consider just how far you've come in such a short period of time. It blows my mind. Keep pressin' in!